Hybrid Fitness NI


Our Mission


Our names are Patrick Black & Michael Lennon. We are the founders of Hybrid Fitness.

We started our gym back in 2012 and every since we have helped transform many peoples lives through Exercise, Nutrition & Mindset.

"Our Mission is Our Purpose"

We turn ordinary people Into Hybrids,

People who can Squat, Push, Pull, Run, Lift, Crawl, Carry & Deal with the versatility that life throws at Us!!!

We want to Educate & Impact people to take control of their mental & physical wellbeing.

Client  Testimonials



We Help Busy Professionals, Get In Shape, Stay In Shape All While Finding More Time With Their Loved Ones.

Sound Like You?

If You Struggle To Get In Shape, Struggle For Time, Lack Knowledge Around Training & Want Dedicated Professionals To Get YOU Amazing Results Fast…

While Only Spending 3 Hours Per Week In The Gym.

Personal Training

For Those Seeking That Extra Edge Over the competition

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Team Training

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world. indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret meed